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NEW POST   15th December 2015

From:     Elaine 

Comment: I have been using the CPAP machine for over a year now. I get a very dry mouth but I cannot cope with the humidifier attachemnt. I am finding that my food tastes differently and I seem to need more flavour added to it – usually salt (losalt). I am also experiencing pain in my lower jaw and was wondering if it could have anything to do with the salivary glands located there. The doctor seemed to think that it was arthritis where the upper jaw meets the lower one, but the pain comes on when I try to eat certain types of food e.g. acidic or sweet. Does anyone have this trouble or can anyone help me at all?The pain is excrutiating at times.

Hi Elaine,

Sounds nasty.  Hopefully someone may have a suggestion.  It’s not anything I’ve heard of I’m afraid.]




NEW BLOG POST – October 2015

Name: Kate

Comment: I’m sure other people with CPAP machines have coped much better than me, Last week I had a cold, just a snuffle until I settled down to sleep. *Mask on,mmm drifting off into… achoo, yuk! Almost awake, get up, go to bathroom, clean mask, wash face (or it might have been the other way around I was quite vague at this point), back to bed set up mask and repeat from *. I felt as though I had gone back a million steps. I emerged from my bed in the morning looking wrecked. My eyes were red and swollen, my face had ridges from where the mask had tried valiantly to stay put, and I was soooo tired.  When my friend phoned and said ‘Well, it’s only a cold. What’s all the fuss about?’ I nearly cried with frustration. Yes, it’s only a cold, but somehow it grows into something much bigger when I know that I’ll be going through the * until it passes.

Comment from Kathy.

I think many of us can empathise Kate.  :o)

Question from Christina.

 How do you feel as the partner? When your partner was first on a CPAP machine did you like it? Were you supportive?

Many people fail to use their machine because their partner finds it noisy or interfering with their sleeping etc.

I feel it is worth it to get your partner back with plenty of interest and energy for life.

Do you agree?

How clean is your machine?….

Mask,headgear, hose and humidifier scrubbed within an inch of their life daily.

Everything given a soapy clean in the shower every morning and hung up to air dry.

Clean water in the humidifier every day, everything else cleaned once a week.

Quick swoosh in the basin every few days.

Everything given a good clean with hot, soapy water once a week.

Now and again when I remember.

Ooops ! The machine has a filter?

Do you identify with any of the above? How often do you think you should clean everything?

How often do you think equipment should be checked and changed?

Those first few days ….

Oh how I hated that mask and machine!  I hated the thought of being tied to this machine and having to wear a mask on my face every night. Just getting it set up every night seemed like an impossible burden.

I felt exhausted all the time. Foggy brained ! Everything seemed hard!

Unflattering mask! Air blowing in my face. Felt like I was drowning. Hard to breathe.Nose completely bunged up . Seemed IMPOSSIBLE to believe that I would ever get to grips with this treatment.


Well that was a long time ago.  How my feelings have changed.

Now I quite look forward to turning on the machine. The sound from my APAP machine is a gentle whisper, and, just as the sound of waves breaking gently on a soft, sandy beach would, it has the effect of lulling me gently off to sleep.

For me it was NOT love at first sight. I didn’t put on the mask that first night, switch on the machine and settle down to a great night’s sleep. Far from it.

It took me a long, long time to accept the treatment and be comfortable with it.

Does anybody else remember their first few days?  What was your experience?

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