Driving and Sleep Apnoea

This information is for UK drivers only – regulations and requirements in other countries will be different. The information is given for general information purposes only. It is in no way intended to replace the professional medical care, advice, diagnosis, or treatment of a doctor. If you are worried about any aspect of your health, you should consult a doctor in person.

General Guidance to Drivers

The Sleep Apnoea Trust Association has recently updated their leaflet – “Driving and Sleep Apnoea – The Facts” to provide general information on Driving and Sleep Apnoea. It aims to help you understand the implications of your condition as a driver. You can view it on their website, download or print it from their leaflets page.

Detailed Guidance to Drivers

This section contains more detailed information complied by the OSA Partnership Group. This group has been established to bring together organisations from the commercial vehicle sector, clinicians, patient groups and those interested in health and safety at work to raise awareness of sleep apnoea and to address the road safety issues associated with the condition.

They have produced a document which gives clear guidance on what to do if you have symptoms of OSA or OSAS, particularly if you are a commercial driver. This document has been reviewed and approved by both the Medical and the Policy teams at the DVLA. You can view it on their website via this link.



We would like to acknowledge the use of material from the Sleep Apnoea Trust Association site. We are very grateful for their assistance.