Trustees Annual Report and Receipts and Payments Accounts

Trustees Annual Report and Receipts and Payments Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2014

Governing Document                                                 

The Scottish Association for Sleep Apnoea is an Unincorporated Association governed by its Constitution. This Constitution was revised and adopted by the Association at its AGM on 29 September 2012 and further amended at the AGM on 21 September 2013, with all the changes having received the consent of OSCR.

Recruitment and Appointment of Trustees

Officers are appointed or reappointed by members at the Annual General Meeting and may serve for up to three years and are eligible for re-election. Local Group Delegates are elected annually by their respective Local Groups and are eligible for re-election.

In addition the Management Committee has the power to co-opt additional members with specific expertise, relevant to the work of the Committee and the Association, but such co-opted members have no voting rights and are not Trustees.

Trustees from 1 April 2013 until the date of approval of this Report

Michael Wilson                      Chairperson; Newsletter Editor (to 21/9/13)

Raymond L Walker                Secretary (to 21/9/13); Fife Local Group Delegate

Lesley Bagnall                        )Joint Secretaries    Tayside Local Group Delegate

Tom Irvine                              )   (from 21/9/13)    Ayrshire, Dumfries & Galloway Group Delegate

R Scott Elliot                          Treasurer; and Vice-Chairperson pro-tem

John Paul                                Membership Secretary (to 21/9/13)   

Helen Rowson                        Membership Secretary (from 21/9/13); North Local Group Delegate

Murray Phillips                      Newsletter Editor (from 21/9/13)

Mark Lincoln                         Website Consultant

Local Group Delegates  -Edward Barker (Borders – resigned 21/9/13); David and Christina France (Lothian); Tom Davidson-Kelly (Glasgow – ceased 21/9/13)); Jim Lennon (Inverclyde)

No other Trustees have served since 1 April 2013.

Contact address

66 Princes Street, HAWICK TD9 7EE (Home address of the Treasurer)

Web site

Charitable Purposes

The purposes of SASA as recorded in our current Constitution are –

the advancement of education regarding Sleep Apnoea with a view to raising public awareness of the condition

the promotion of scientific research into Sleep Apnoea and the subsequent dissemination of the results of such research undertaken

the provision of support to sufferers of Sleep Apnoea and their families



Activities and achievements

The Association is closely associated with Sleep Study Centres in Scotland. However due to necessary adherence to patient confidentiality we only become aware of those patients who choose to disclose their names to the Association. This can be a major obstacle to informing newly diagnosed sufferers of the Association and its objectives, but the matter is kept under review.

144 Members (both single, and joint with partner) paid membership fees in the year. This is an increase of 21 from the previous year. Members who have not paid their 2013/14 fee are being contacted in 2014/15 to enquire if they wish to continue membership. In some cases non payment appears to be due to problems with Bank Standing Orders.   

The Management Committee continued to meet during the year with all meetings held in Edinburgh.

Meetings and contacts have restarted in some of the Local Groups but with a wide disparity in the level of activity.

The Conference and Annual General Meeting was held on 21 September 2013 at West Park Conference Centre, Dundee. 36 members and partners registered and were present. Sponsorship donations were received from two equipment manufacturers who were present – Philips Electronics UK Limited and Intus Healthcare – and both had product information tables. The various guest speakers presented helpful information on sleep apnoea and the various treatments, facilities, equipment and research being carried out throughout the country.

The website containing both general information on sleep apnoea and with specific information for members and with links to our equivalent Organisation in England and Wales SATA (Sleep Apnoea Trust Association), is being revamped and brought up to date.

This link with SATA is providing benefits to our members through the sharing of information and use of SATA Information Sheets. Two members attended the 2013 SATA Conference.

SASA has been represented at various other Conferences during the year including the British Lung Foundation and Scottish Sleep Forum.

Trustee remuneration and expenses

The trustees did not receive any remuneration during the year. Five members received travel and other expenses totalling £708, mainly for attending meetings of the Management Committee (last year eight members £1,433)

Financial position and Reserves.

The funds of the Borders Branch are held with the rest of the Association’s funds, but in a Restricted Fund for their use only. The only change in these funds has been the addition of bank interest

The Trustees declare that they have approved the Trustees’ Report above and also the Accounts on page 4.       Signed on behalf of the Charity’s Trustees

R Scott Elliot, Vice-Chairperson/Treasurer                          21 May 2014

Receipts and Payments Account for year ended 31 March 2015