A message for Aberdeen Sleep Service and Home ventilation patients during the coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic

  • Please be aware that, like other Sleep services up and down the country, we no longer can support face-to-face hospital appointments due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • However, we are still doing our booked telephone appointments and we are currently in the process of changing our face-to-face appointments into telephone appointments. So instead of coming into hospital you may receive a call from one of the team.
  • Our existing patients can also contact our helplines CPAP 01224 550962 or NIV 01224 558808 if you are experiencing problems or need new mask or tubing etc. posted to you.
  • While it is our aim to continue to provide the best service we can, our senior sleep nurse is trained in NIV ventilation and will be helping at times on the respiratory wards to support the increasing number of patients needing specialist care which means there will be a staff shortage. I know this is not ideal but I hope you understand this was not an easy decision to make.
  • Finally, please be patient with us. I hope you appreciate this is a difficult, anxious time not only for you but the staff too. We are working under conditions that many staff have not experienced before but patient care is still our priority.


Aberdeen Sleep Team