Sleep apnoea trust’s conference – Oxford

Sleep Apnoea Trust’s Conference

Lesley Bagnall attended the Sleep Apnoea Trust’s Conference in Oxford on Saturday 18th October.

There were a number of interesting new products on show at the manufacturers’ stands.

BREAS were showing the new Z1 with its integrated battery system called the PowerShell.
Weighing only 284 grams and able to fit on one’s hand, the Z1 is the smallest, lightest CPAPmachine on the market. It can be powered from the mains, but fitted into the PowerShell it can run all night from a single charge with no leads. A very neat little machine that would be ideal for travelling.

On the same stand was a small plastic device which could fit between the CPAP machine and the hose and provide humidification without the need for water and a humidifier. Again ideal when travelling, especially useful to use on aeroplanes where you cannot use a conventional water filled humidifier.
These small plastic devices can be used for a week before replacing and should cost about £2.

Intus had a large selection of useful products on show, including that other very useful machine for travelling the Transcend. At 450g it is not as light as the Z1, but it is still a very light, compact machine. The Transcend has an APAP as well as a CPAP version available. (The Z1 only has a CPAP version at the moment.)
The Transcend batteries are very lightweight and come in overnight or 3 day versions, with a solar battery charger also available.

Philips Respironics have designed a travel briefcase which can hold your laptop and your pap machine. (there is a youtube video showing it – the 2 parts can be unzipped and used separately).

Resmed had on show their new range of masks and pap machines. Those of you who were at our SASA conference in Stirling this year, will have already had a chance to see the AirSense 10.
This latest range of pap machines have a number of new features, including wireless connectivity, making it possible for sleep clinicians to remotely monitor and
adjust treatment to meet patients’ needs more effectively.

I am delighted to see that the AirSense range includes a machine designed specifically for women. The differences are not just cosmetic, the AutoSet for Her uses an algorithm based on Resmed’s AutoSet Algorithm, but adapted to respond better to the different needs of female patients with OSA.
Resmed, Philips Respironics and Fisher and Paykel all showed masks that were very lightweight and had minimal headgear. If you haven’t looked at masks for a while, now would be a good time to take another look, the variety out there is quite impressive.