Annual Conference Dundee 2013

Members of the Scottish Association for Sleep Apnoea (SASA) learned at their annual conference on Saturday 21st September 2013 that technology may soon make a significant change to the way the therapy used in the treatment of the breathing-related condition is managed.

The 50 members who attended the event at the West Park Conference Centre in Perth Road, Dundee, were told that a revolutionary electronic system can now make it possible for clinicians to remotely monitor the use of the breathing apparatus that assists patients’ breathing while they are asleep, and intervene rapidly in the event that the patient encounters any issues with the device.

The new system will also enable health care providers to manage more patients without increasing staff overhead costs and to improve personalised care plans and vital statistics monitoring, while reducing the requirement for home and office patient visits.

The conference was assured that the use of such technology was governed by strict legal rules.

News of this development was among topics covered by principal speakers Dr Tom McKay, clinical director, Department of Sleep Medicine, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, and Lizzie Hill, from the sleep research unit at Edinburgh.

SASA Chairman Mike Wilson proposed thanks.

Below are pictures of some of the SASA members and guest speakers at the Annual Conference.

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